Amstar Cinemas 16

July 25, 2013
To Whom It May Concern:

US Enviro Services has been a valued contribution to Amstar Cinemas 16's on-going efforts to have the cleanest and safest environment while enjoying a quality movie experience. Since the first installation of the product during the first quarter of 2013, there has been a significant reduction in the amount of staff sicknesses. As well, public perception is very positive due to the Bio Static posting of the 99.99% Germ Free certification for Amstar 16's lobby and concession department. Multiple patrons have commented in a very positive manner about the display signage regarding the cleanliness of the facility. Amstar Cinemas greatly appreciates the cleaner atmosphere for the staff (and patrons), while building a positive rapport within the movie going guest experience.

Wesley Clark
General Manager
AmStar Cinemas 16

Lamar County Health Department

The 90 Day germ-free Nx-ON Biostatic Coating is helping to protect the clients of the Lamar County Health Department from cross-contamination of germs and viruses brought into the environment. Keeping our clients safe and healthy is a high priority at our clinic.

Thank you for helping make our environment safer for our clients.


Sherry Farr, RN, County Nurse Manager

Lamar County School System

As you are very much aware, Lamar County Schools has been one of the first school systems to try the Nx-ON "Bio-Static Surface Protection". Succinctly and summarily, please know that we are astounded at the difference in the "before" and "after" results of your application in our school buses. We saw improvements in our infection level drop dramatically - from five to hundreds of times better. Such statistics are unbelievable - but very true. In short, our buses now have a healthier environment thanks to your product.

We also discovered that your service was outstanding. Thank you for working around our school schedule and for supervising the process. Our folks were most impressed with the thoroughness of the application - hitting nooks and crannies - and the commitment to make sure our time was valued. We look forward to the follow-up applications.

As resources become available, we hope to add other location within our school system where the Nx-ON "Bio-Static Surface Protection" can help safe guard our students and employees' well-being. This is a great product with factual measurements of success to back it up.

Thank you for sharing your time and resources with us. We are the beneficiaries of something very helpful to our cause of student attendance and learning.


William F. Truby, PhD


Other area's the Nx-ON System is being used.

  • Under Armor Athletic Wear
  • Landau Medical Uniforms
  • Beauty Rest (Sheets, linens, etc.)
  • DC United
  • University of Virginia
  • Atlanticare Health Service - Egg Harbor Township, NJ
  • RiverPark Hospital in Huntington, WV