About Us

  • Do you want to be more proactive in the battle against microbes? U.S. Enviro Services gives you the solutions you will need to succeed.

  • People now understand the threat of microbes more than ever and may even avoid certain facilities due to poor cleaning procedures. We offer facilities and homes an additional layer of protection, whether its surfaces, hand protection, fabric or all three. Prior to the development of the Nx-ON System this additional protection was practically non-existant. Microbes are everywhere and continue to spread throughout our daily lives(Refer to image on right which reveals how easily microbes are spread by hand). The Nx-ON System now gives the average person an affordable solution to the problem we have faced for decades.

  • U.S. Enviro Services is an international organization with our home office located in Bolingbroke, GA. We specialize in the prevention of microbes.

  • The Nx-ON Systems state of the art technology now offers companies, organizations and homes with the ability to provide a safer environment either for their customers or for their families.

  • U.S. Enviro Services is also privately owned by it's management team.
Specialists in Bio-Static Surface Protection